Personal Training

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Wellcare Rehabilitation is one of today’s most successful programs because you work one-on-one with a certified training professional that is 100% committed to your success. Your personal trainer motivates and guides you through a powerful workout on numerous machines that completely works every muscle. The quiet, crowd-free environment lets you concentrate on achieving an optimal workout.

Strength Training – The body’s best defense

WellCare employs a method of exercise called Synergy System, the fastest, safest, most effective way of conditioning the muscles, as well as losing fat. The slow, controlled movements are safer on your joints than any other type of recreation or exercise. With a personal trainer always at your side ensuring proper use of each machine, you can expect the most beneficial workout possible.

Intense workout – just two days a week

Reap the rewards of an intense, twenty-minute workout, just two days a week! WellCare offers a program that works with your lifestyle. From start to finish, your personal trainer helps to maximize your valuable time.

Get exactly what you want

Increasing bone density is vital to a woman’s physical health during and after menopause. Men and woman alike want to tone their bodies and gain definition. Whatever your goals, the trainers at Wellcare integrate exercise and nutrition into a manageable program just for you. If weight loss is your motivation, WellCare is a perfect fit. Our program burns tremendous amounts of fat in a short time, while adding muscle.

Formulated for your success

With Wellcare’s scientifically-based system and the motivation of personal training, your road map to optimum health is within reach. No wellness program worth the effort promises to be easy, but with the best equipment and the knowledge of skilled professional, Wellcare does guarantee the most fulfilling results.


Archive health and well-being for life

Our personal training program designed to meet your individual health and fitness goals with a comprehensive physical workout and a proven nutritional plan. Our exclusive approach offers the widest spectrum of benefits including:

  • Body fat loss
  • Improved vascular efficiency
  • Increased bone strength
  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Increased muscular strength and endurance

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