Functional Rehab

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Functional Rehabilitation is a physical therapy treatment in which motor control techniques are used to aide in functional improvements. Through a variety of methods drawn from physical therapy these movement patterns can help release muscle tension, re-educate the neuro muscular system, increase strength, range of motion, balance and coordination. Its primary goal is to re-organize movement patterns to make both simple and complex tasks easier.

Functional Rehabilitation therapy has become mainstream in treating a variety of muscular-skeletal injuries that occur in and out of the work place environment. Benefits have also been found in the treatment of many neurologic disorders such as Parkinson disease, and strokes.

Patients at Wellcare Rehabilitation will find these treatment methods delivered in a very individualized manner. Their exercise program will be designed specifically from results of an in depth physical therapy evaluation. All programs are individually tailored to meet each patients functional needs. For more information, Contact us at Hallandale Beach, FL center.